Inspection Date: 16-19/June/2020   
Inspection Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm (onsite) 

Online Inspection Hours: 24 Hours from 16-19/June/2020

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 Bidding Closing Time

Closing time
Lot No
18/June/2020 17:00 1-250 (250 Lots)
19/June/2020 17:00 251-511 (261 Lots)


 About The Bidding 

Buyer can vote by submitting the “Bidding Formto our staff anytime during the auction (onsite or by Email/ Fax) and the bidding will be recognized only we confirmed it by our official stamp and send back to the buyer before closing time of each “Session”.  The price will be expressed by “USD”only.

The “CORRECTION” of the bidding form, buyer should write clearly on the “Correction Bidding Form”.

 Attached photos online are for references only.

Grading Description

 Old Grading
1 Clean Face AB
1 - 2 Drill Clean B & BC
2 - 2+ Slightly Spotted C
3 - 3+ No Clean Face, Slightly Spotted CD
4 + No Clean Face, Spotted D



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Thank you for participating in our 59th Poe Raua Nui Tahiti Pearl Auction.

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