200pcs SB/CL 12-14mm D Grade Light Mix Tahitian Pearls


2.4$/Pcs ONLY!!!

Grade – D 
Shape – Circle Mix
Color – Light Mix
Size – 11-14mm

10mm: 104pcs
11mm: 71pcs
12mm: 16pcs
13mm: 4pcs
14mm: 5pcs
Total: 200pcs

Currency in USD

Video Available: On Request

You can request more pictures and more video before purchasing

Import Tax
Please note that Import tax may apply in your country, and you may have to settle it with your own custom. No Drilling Available

Refund and Insurance
Product is not refundable once its shipped, if you select no insurance, in case of lost by courier, refund wont be applicable.

Once the Item is shipped, Product is not refundable.

For any enquiry, contact us at sales@cmwpearls.com

Ref: MP52

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