Tahitian Pearls

Limited Set - "Snow White" Bracelet + 2 pairs of "Black & White" Earrings

Limited Set B

1."Snow White" Bracelet (Photo 2-4)
Grade –   AAA/AA (Grading Tutorial)
Shape – Semi-Baroque
Color – "Snow White" Bracelet, Silver SB pearl throughout the whole bracelet, a pure, classy look indeed, to match with below earrings sets to archive the total silver classic look or contrast with Tahitian Black Pearl's charms.
Size – 9-10mm
9mm: 4pcs
10mm: 11pcs
Price is for 15pcs pearl.

2.Dark Pearl Earrings (Photo 5-7)
Grade –   AAA (Grading Tutorial)
Shape – Round
Color – Dark Color with a hint of Cherry Tone

Size  9.6mm & 9.6mm
Price is for 2pcs pearl.
(A pair of matched pair)

3.Silver Pearl Earrings (Photo 8-10)
Grade –   AA (Grading Tutorial)
Shape – Round
Color – Silver to White Color

Size  9.1mm & 9.2mm
Price is for 2pcs pearl.
(A pair of matched pair)

Drill option available: (Leave us a note)
1- Drill: Half or Full
2- Drill Size: 0.6mm to 1.5mm

For any enquiry, contact us at sales@cmwpearls.com

Ref: Limited X'mas Bundle B


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