Tahitian Pearls

Select Your Own - Matched Pair - ER595


Select Your Own - Matched Pair

Set 1: 400USD
Grade: TOP/AAA
Size: 12.1mm & 12.2
Shape: R/SR
Color: Brown Green

Set 2: 160USD
Grade: AAA/AA
Size: 10.9mm 
Shape: SR
Color: Silver 

Set 3: 210USD
Grade: AAA
Size: 11.4mm
Shape: R/SR
Color: Grey with Light Brown hint

Set 4:  210USD
Grade: AAA
Size: 11.4mm & 11.2mm
Shape: R/SR
Color: Grey  

Set 5: 180USD
Grade: AAA
Size: 10.6mm & 10.7mm
Shape: R/SR
Color: Silver 

Price is for 2pcs of pearls, 1 pair of Matched pearls.

Drill option available: (Leave us a note)
1- Drill: Half or Full
2- Drill Size: 0.6mm to 1.5mm

For any enquiry, contact us at sales@cmwpearls.com

Ref: ER595-1/2/3/4/5

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