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How does it Work?
Per our customers request on wholesaling price, we have added a section for wholesaler buyers where they can freely sent us their price for the lot we are uploading it online.

What's with the Market Price shown?
Theses are references based on the actual online market.

May I bid lower than the add-to-cart prices?
As long as your intention is to buy, we are open to any proposal, this also help us understand a bit more your preferred pricing or needs. Take note that the more lots you bid, the better pricing you may get.

Will I get better deal if I bid on more than 1 lots?
YES! We also take into account the total amount of all bids combined. So the more you bid on the better chances we gonna release the lot to you.

Do I need to register?
No, You don't need to register but when placing your bid make sure that we can contact you by email and phone.

May I cancel my Bid?
Yes, But please avoid doing it often or you might get blacklisted and get all your offers rejected in future.

Before placing your offer make sure that your intention is to buy at the desired pricing.

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Thank you for your understanding

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