Do real pearls turn yellow?

Like every natural things, the answer is yes only for a certain type, especially freshwater pearls and white color pearl. Over time, pearls tend to change and age, particularly if not properly cared for. And as everything, prevention is better than cure.
What you need to know of how to take care of your pearls to prevent them turning yellow?

First, do not confused yellowed pearls with yellow pearls. Pearls are available in a variety of hues, including yellow and golden. They have been cultivated for this color and are sold as yellow pearls. They are primarily found in the South Sea.

However, yellowed pearls are those that were once white but have developed yellow tints as a result of environmental factors and aging. Yellow pearls appear bright and lustrous, whereas yellowed pearls appear dull and dry.

Some of you may be concerned that if their pearls turn yellow, this indicates that they are fake. Contrary to popular belief, imitation pearls very rarely turn yellow due to their composition of plastic and ceramic. Pearls that begin to yellow indicate that they are organic and subject to change.

What kind of pearls are prone to yellowing?
Fresh water pearls and pearl of white colors are more susceptible to yellowing because their colors tend to lean toward white. As a third option is a Golden Pearl that already has a hint of yellow in it, its harmonizing power will be slightly increased. Tahitian Pearls are the final type of pearl, and while they do age, they tend to last longer than other pearls because of their dark coloration, but rest assure that they do not change in color.

CMW Pearls have conclude some solution for you guys to retain your pearls:

stored it carefully

Avoid sealing them in plastic bags or other storage solutions that cut off air circulation and moisture. Airtight, hot environments are pearl's nightmare. Try storing the pearls in fabric pouch instead of cool place, away from sources of heat. Placing couple moist cotton balls in with your pearls also help to keep them hydrated.

Wipe Them

Before you store the pearls away, wipe them with a soft cloth. This is a great way to get rid of perspiration, oils, toxins, and other gunk from your body. These can degrade the color of your pearls over time.

Wear your pearls

As with all the other jewelry, if left unworn, it will oxidize and rust. Wearing them more frequently can help preserve their attractiveness; they require exposure to air and moisture. Which will keep them from becoming yellow.

General Care Tips
Because of their fragility, pearls must be handled with care if you want them to retain their luster for many years, even for a lifetime.

Make sure to keep them out of the reach of harsh chemicals like hairspray and vinegar because these can harm the pearl's sensitive outer covering which you pearl will lose it luster . Regular cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth is the best way to maintain the luster of your pearls. Again, avoid using aggressive cleaning solutions to remove stains.

When storing,  Pearls should be kept away from other jewelry, it can cause scratch damage between them when being stored. You can also put some moist cotton balls or a damp cloth in the container if you must store your pearls in a safe deposit box or another airtight container. 



Lisa Walden Bocook April 26, 2024


Lisa Walden Bocook April 26, 2024


Lisa Walden Bocook April 26, 2024

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