Safe Shipping

Safe Shipping with CMWPEARLS

Recently we've been asked multiple times about the shipping fees differences from others stores that offer a less expensive options than us.

The main reason is safety delivery of your product, so providing a guarantee and fast shipping become one of our top priority the moment your order reach a certain amount and we take fees on buying you an insurance.

In case of Lost, we want to make sure that you get a refund or can still select products from our stores that is equal to the amount you lost due to the incident.

However, if you still would like to pick a cheaper courier, we are also open to check other courier, but please note that in case of any package lost, they might not offer any refund. So please understand the risk, although it might be rare but it can be unfortunate for some and these incident also affect our quality of services that we would like to offer to you.


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