What Do Your Tahitian Pearls Tell About You

Is there a woman in this world that doesn't like pearls? They are elegant, beautiful, and they are effortless to combine with almost any clothing. These days it's not enough just to have pearls, though. In the age of individuality and self-determination, you need an accessory that will help you underline your identity and complete your look without interfering with your fashion statements. 

Tahitian Pearls wedding

While conventional pearls do show refined taste and a high-class attitude, they often come as too snobby. Furthermore, they demand far too many wardrobe compromises to make them work. Thankfully a better version is becoming trendier every single day. It will be a shocker if you haven't heard already of the beautiful, classy and elegant Tahitian pearl. As it's also known, the Black pearl is storming the jewelry world with its unique properties and wide range of applicability. Their darker nuances and various shapes allow everyone to express their inner-self without compromising on elegance. Every kind, every form and implementation of this ornament uncovers what kind of person you are.

The Business lady

Your business suit is not complete without an elegant necklace of Tahitian pearls. You bet on dark black or gray, depending on your skin complexion. These conservative colours demonstrate that you mean business and know how to do it well. The pearls' size is not less than 14 mm and are as round as they come. This shows your status and unequivocally indicates that you are a successful self-made businesswoman, who, however, has not forgotten what it means to be stylish and beautiful.

The Pretty Woman

Many would ask what the occasion for you to dress up is, but they'll never understand that every day is an occasion. You are just pretty, and you want to show it off. It's your way of saying, "I dress for myself and not for anyone else." You choose bright colours for your dress and matching Tahitian pearls. Usually, you go after the blending pink-green peacock pearls, but green and eggplant are also in the mix. The size is typically a bit smaller, but not so that it won't be noticeable. 10 to 12 mm is your pearl of choice, but the central piece may go as big as 16mm if you are willing to show not just class but also wealth. The form may vary depending on your income. However, you prefer oval or semi Baroque since you don't want to overdo it with perfectly round pearls. After all, this is not a fancy evening event you are dressing for. You're just heading out to have a coffee with some friends.  

The Casual Millennial

You are young, knowledgeable and have outstanding taste. You dress comfortably but with style and want a matching accessory to go with your overall looks. You find the perfect combination of class, elegance and unique in the baroque Tahitian pearls. Their unique shape is exactly how you feel among your peers - unique, unpolished, yet valuable and elegant.

You prefer grey or blue colours, but what you truly crave is a mix of all shades. It's quite often you go for the minimalist look when you don't put a necklace, but rather a single pearl on a leather or silver leash. You prefer smaller sizes - 8-10mm. or even smaller. After all, bigger pearls cost more. Some may think you are cheap or low on cash, but we all know you are just financially responsible.

Tahitian pearls are the perfect jewelry for any style and look. Be it an evening gown, a weekend dress or anything in-between, because of its various shapes, colours and sizes. It's not just a precious accessory every woman deserves, but it's also a perfect gift that will surely be highly appreciated and used on every possible occasion.  


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