Why do pearl strands have knots in between each pearl?

It is common for pearl jewelry sellers to use a knot between each pearl piece. Since the beginning, the knotting technique has been used and recommended.

However, it is not a requirement and usually its based on your own preferences or the string being used.

The benefits of knotting your strand:
Knotting between each pearl can prevent pearls from rubbing against each other, which can damage the surface of your pearls, especially if they are expensive.

Pearls are expensive and valuable; therefore, if your string breaks, tying knot between could reduce the risk of losing pearls if they fall. Generally, only two pearls will fall apart, as opposed to the entire strand being scattered across the ground.

Why Should I Re-string:
Be aware that with time, the thread used to string on your pearl necklaces may start to be weaken, which can easily break from a light movement. You can choose to restring it by yourself or ideally go for professional service.

Restringing by yourself you may typically prepare new beading needle, super glue, clasp (you can use your original one or purchase a new one) we do supply all tools that you might need  on our website https://cmwpearls.com/collections/jewelrytools

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