Established in 1999, Chan Ming Wing Pearl International LTD. Specializes in supplying extensive range of Natural Tahitian black pearls over Asia.

Over the past 20 Years, Cmwpearls gain trust in the industry of Tahitian Pearls, by constantly providing large amount of pearls all over the world and especially for jewellery retailers.

Being recognized as one of the most popular Tahitian Black pearl supplier, Chan Ming Wing Pearl International Limited has contributed in promoting Tahitian pearls and expanding its awareness to consumers

In Partnership with the G.I.E. POE RAVA NUI, which is a cooperation of 450 family micro-enterprises, that account approximately 15% of the total production of “Tahitian Pearls”. Their crops are sold in private auctions organized by the G.I.E in Hong Kong, Japan and Tahiti, Wholesalers and retailers around the world, does participate in these auctions.

Chan Ming Wing is credited for offering top quality pearls with uprightness, most ideal evaluating and extraordinary client service. The organization has set up a sustainble  and dependable associations with pearl cultivates in Tahiti which empowers the organization to legitimately import top tier Tahitian pearls at the best worth and to supply a rich choice of pearls for the generation of pearl gems. Official member of the Tahitian Pearl association that help to promotes our amazing pearls around the world.

Besides just black pearl jewelry wholesale, we include “loose pearls”, earrings, necklaces and pendants. To get a clear vision of all the products we sell. Visit our pearl store.CMWPEARL Tahitian Pearls Jewellery Wholesale

As Chan Ming Wing Pearl is known by being one of the biggest pearl wholesaler over all Asia, maintaining enough supplies of Tahitian pearls can be a real challenge.

On top of collaborating with others farmer in French Polynesia to maintains a good amount of supply, they also need to locally cultured and harvest their own pearls every 3 month in French Polynesia on a small island called Taha'a.

The culturing process of a Tahitian pearl involves an expert grafter, who inserts a bead made from a mollusk shell into the reproductive organ, of the black lips oyster known as "Pinctada margaritifera". After the culturing Process the black lips oyster take around 1 to 3 years to produce a pearl, and it is estimated that fewer than 5% of the total crops would be perfect pearls, so once harvest it also needs to go through a long selection process before reaching the market, that's the main reason why pearls are so rare and expensive.