CMWPEARLS: Few tips for your startup Business

Tahitian Pearls startup Business

Nowadays, starting your own business is becoming popular, but it might be hard to find the right business model and also the right source. And here are reason why CMWPEARLS can be an ideal platform for you to start your own.

1- Buying only what you need
With CMWPEARLS, you no longer need to hire people or spend hours finding matches for necklace or pairs, as our platform is already matching pearls for you, and you can freely select only the products (Unfinished products) that you are interested in and ready for you to make your own design. Saving you time, cost of hiring people and unwanted pearl.

2- Tahitian pearls do not expired
Unlike food or other products, you might be tie to the expiry date of the product and giving you more pressure to sell it, and as a startup business that might already be a big handicap to start with.
However Tahitian pearls do not expire and their color are natural and last for a decade, all you need to do is focus on finding creative ways of designing your products and be patient, one of the biggest advantages.

3- You don't have to be an expert
Don't worry about new ideas on creating new sets of products, CMWPEARLS Expert will always try to match new sets of pearls for you and if it suits your taste feel free to buy it.

4- New Products
Talking about a good source, Note that that we launched new products and items every Monday, Thursday and Friday at 11am HK time.

5- Pricing
Like everyone, that's the most crucial parts, and we usually offer pearls at the lowest price we can in order also for you to carry on your business. Of course there can be cheaper one on the market, but also you will be trading with Risk of having unstable source of pearls, you may have to match the pearls on your own, or even hire more people to help you out. At the end you may end up on spending more. So if you are a startup business start with the basic and let CMWPEARLS Expert do the work for you.

6- Shipping Fees and amazing services
As some of you may already known, we are pretty fast when its about shipping , some may received their parcel under 7days, depending on their country regulation of course. But usually once we received your order with all the instruction(Drilling) it takes us 1 to 3 days to process and ship straight away using the premium services of express shipping. Note that we also buy an insurance for your parcel for pre-caution in case of lost we are sure that our customer are properly covered.

For your References

7- Don't Rush
We know that its important to get the lowest price as possible so its tempting to spend all your budget at once in order to get a better pricing.
However if you are a startup business, spending that extra cash for flexibility and making adjustment is really important, because things may not always works when starting your business, there's always adjustment needed to be made in order to buy the right products for your customers, and having those extra cash in hand to buy the right pearls for your market is more important than buying it at a cheaper price and be stuck in needed to find a ways to sell those unwanted products. its always better to focus on buying the right items(may be a little more expensive than buying in bulk) for your customers than proposing cheaper items to your customers but it is not what they want.
You may end up loosing your customer by doing so.

Hope those can help you out and don't let doubts prevent you on creating your own future, try it , test it and don't give up. You will surely succeed.


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