Five Things you need to Know Before you Buy Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are a fresh twist on the classical white pearls, only much better. That's not just our humble opinion, but it's how the millions of ladies that prefer the oddly shaped, rainbow-colored and unique-looking jewelry perceive these astonishingly beautiful natural accessories. While the classical white pearls are the embodiment of sophistication, black pearls, as Tahitian pearls are also known, are less demanding on your clothing choices and are not strictly formal. This makes them the preferred jewelry among modern women. 

Tahitian pearl loose

The variety that the Tahitian pearls offer is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have unique, elegant and relatively affordable jewelry. Still, on the other hand, you need to be familiar with several key features of this before reaching for your wallet.
Worry not. We are here to help. Here are the five most important things you should know about Tahitian pearls before you buy them. 

Tahitian pearls are not all black
Although often called "black pearls," Tahitian pearls are rarely pure black in color. There is a wide variety of nuances you can choose from, depending on your taste, skin complexion and style. There are exotic colors like the peacock, which combines green with pink nuances, black green, which blends the elegance of the darker tones with the extravagance of the green shade, and the eggplant, which is a unique dark-purple dye. There is also the classic light grey tone and the elegant dark black. Many prefer to mix all the colors and get a true rainbow around their necks.  

Size does matter
Most commonly, Tahitian pearls are 8-14mm. in size, and they are quite enough to make a classy and unique piece of jewelry for any taste. However, there are also bigger specimens that are perfect for outlining wealth and status. On extremely rare occasions, perfect pearls over 16mm can be found, but they are price collection pieces and rare to find on the free market. Although the pearls' size is one of the primary factors of its price, sometimes smaller pearls may exceed the price of a bigger one depending on its shape and color. 

Tahitian pearls come in all shapes
Unlike classical white pearls, Tahitian ones do not come only in round shapes. There are at least eight different shape of Tahitian pearls, allowing their owner to significantly diversify their use, depending on their form. There is the undeniable sophistication of the round pearls, the teardrop shape's unique elegance, the affordable yet outstandingly classy button and oval form, the rebellious look of the baroque and semi-baroque styles, and of course, the unpretentious finesse of the circled and Keshi pearls. 

Perfectly round peacock pearls are rare.
When we think of pearls, we imagine a perfect sphere. Unfortunately, the chances of finding perfect Tahitian pearls are less than 5% of the total production. Most natural pearl, even the roundest of them, has some imperfection. Some might be small, almost non-visible, but most likely they will have a slight imperfection. This explain why some pearls with one less imperfection on it, can have a huge difference in the pricing. Check the pearl for tiny spots, light imperfection, and its face cleanliness. If there are none of those, expect the price should be astronomical since it's hard to find such treasure. As one might have guessed- the lower the quality, the lower the price, despite the size.

Everyone need at least one or more pearl!

The beauty of the unique Tahitian pearl is that it came with incredible variety of shapes, colors and style, that can fit any of us depending on your personal preferences or personality taste. Some fall in love with an oddly shaped, beautifully-colored pearl at the end of a silver string and others preferred to be perfectly round, and still; it provides infinity choices that can surprise everyone.