We ship all orders with as minimal packaging as possible. All orders are shipped from our office in Hong Kong using only UPS Express Saver.

Express Shipping Service Area Coverage on 500gr weight

Country Service  Fees Free Shipping
Australia UPS Express US$46.90 Over US$1200
Belgium UPS Express US$54.99 Over US$1200
Canada UPS Express US$52.92 Over US$1200
France UPS Express US$54.99 Over US$1200
Germany UPS Express US$54.99 Over US$1200
Hong Kong SF Express US$3.87 Over US$100
Indonesia UPS Express US$48 Over US$1200
India UPS Express US$55 Over US$1400
Japan UPS Express US$28 Over US$1200
Macao SF Express US$8.37 Over US$200
Mexico UPS Express US$52.92 Over US$1200
Malaysia UPS Express US$39.31 Over US$1200
New Zealand UPS Express UUS$48 Over US$1200
Philippines UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200
Russia UPS Express US$65 N/A
Shanghai UPS Express US$9.31 N/A
Singapore UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200
South Korea UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200
Taiwan UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200
Thailand UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200
United State UPS Express US$52.92 Over US$1200
United Kingdom UPS Express US$54.99 Over US$1200
Vietnam UPS Express US$29.93 Over US$1200

*For other countries, email us for enquiries


You will not be charged for tax directly on our website as each country tax are different, Therefore, beware of any custom tax that may apply to your parcel. There may be duties and taxes incurred on your shipment that you will be responsible for. For more information, please contact your local customs office.

*Shipping Fees may vary depending on the courier