Who are we?
CMWPEARLS was established in 2019 with the purpose of making Tahitian loose pearls widely available online to retailers, distributors, and end-users alike.
A long history of family business enterprise, with the full support of Chan Ming Wing Pearl International LTD, a firm formally established in 1999 and specialized in the wholesale distribution of a broad variety of cultured Tahitian black pearls around Asia.
It has earned a good reputation in the industry over the past 20 years by consistently supplying large quantities of Tahitian pearls to major Asian wholesalers.

Origin of the first creator

Chan Ming Wing Pearl International LTD: The first founder, CHAN Ming Wing, was born in China and grew up in Tahiti.
He had already been in the Tahitian pearl business for ten years in the early 1990's. However, as competition sharply grew locally, he decided to expand the reach of Tahitian pearls to his country of origin, Hong Kong as his first port of call.

In collaboration and with the support of G.I.E. POE RAVA NUI, one of the most reputable group in Tahiti, a cooperation of 450 family-owned micro-enterprises that account for approximately 15% of total "Tahitian Pearl" production.
The founder succeeded in establishing Tahitian pearl market in Hong Kong, which later became well-known for jewelers and pearl resellers.
Nowadays, crops are sold in private auctions, which attract reputable wholesalers and retailers from around the world because they empower them to select and purchase in large quantities.

What do we do ?
We operate through two distinct channels and companies:
- The wholesale channel, which is operated through the company CHAN MING WING PEARL INTERNATIONAL LTD, which was founded in 1999.

- E-commerce channel, www.cmwpearls.com, recently launched in 2019 due to the health crisis, which focuses on providing individual or smaller lot of pearls at a price point that is affordable for any startup business or even individual consumers.

CMWPEARL Tahitian Pearls Jewellery Wholesale

Our Objectives
- CMWPEARLS' mission is to increase the global reach of Raw Tahitian pearls through ecommerce by providing pearls to anyone with the option of customization.
Our Quote: "Anyone has the opportunity to make their artistic dreams a reality."

- Chan Ming Wing Pearl LTD is committed to the distribution of any quality Tahitian pearls, from low to high quality in order to assist Tahitian farmers who are experiencing difficulties.
Quote: "Every natural pearl has its own flaw, everyone appreciate their beauty in different way, there are needs for each of them"

Our Farming Facility

Along with collaborating with other farmers in French Polynesia to ensure a steady supply, we  also culture and harvest our own pearls on a small island called Taha'a .

A Tahitian pearl is cultured by an expert grafter who inserts a mollusk shell bead into the reproductive organ of the black lips oyster "Pinctada margaritifera". After culturing, it takes approximately one to three years for the black lips oyster to produce a pearl, and less than 5% of total crops are estimated to be perfect pearls, so once harvested, the pearls must also undergo a lengthy selection process before reaching the market, which is the primary reason pearls are so rare and expensive.