How To String Pearl Necklace

Steps to string Pearl Necklace
Threads Knots is tied between pearls for necklaces and bracelets to avoid damaging your pearls. We'd like to demonstrate a simple method for stringing pearls without tweezer. 

Knot pearls

Here is the tools we used in the video:

  1. A pair of thin needles, which will allow you to slide between pearls more smoothly and avoid breaking the thread.
  2. A 1.0mm French wire to cover the thread attached to the clasp and make a nice finish.
  3. Polyester thread size 30
  4. 8mm fresh water pearls with 0.7mm holes
  5. A pair of scissor 

Stringing tips:

Avoid knotting the pearls too tightly, otherwise, your necklace will be stiff and zigzag.
Here's a video to help you out.


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