Tahitian Pearls for Every Season

With each passing month, Tahitian pearls are becoming more popular. Although until a decade ago they were exotic and rare, now they are enjoying unprecedented popularity. Tahitian pearls are an indispensable accessory for business ladies, celebrities and even royalty, as well as for ordinary people who just want to look good.Tahitian pearls' popularity lies not only in their unconditional class, variety of colours and unusual shapes but also in their convenience. "Black pearls," as they are also known, can be easily combined with any style and taste. They are a universal accessory that can always be used, regardless of season or weather. Although there are countless options for these pearls to be incorporated in different jewelry to suit even the most extravagant look, we at CMW Pearl offer you some essential tips on how to choose your Tahitian pearls for every season. 
Tahitian Pearls for Spring
The weather outside is still a bit chilly, and you still can't show as much skin as you'd like. Nevertheless, this shouldn't stop you from showing class, style and uniqueness.

In early spring, you should rely on hand accessories more than neck ones. A lovely bracelet with warm-coloured button pearls will show your impeccable taste. Since you'll still be wearing heavier clothes, the size should be slightly bigger - 12-14mm. You can even add 2-3 bigger pearls as a showpiece so that you can capture attention even easier. 

For the late spring, when your hair will be more often up or tied up, you can go for some elegant earrings. For more formal occasions, take blue, eggplant or peacock round pearls. For everyday use or when you just want to grab a coffee with your friends, grab the peach cherry or green cherry. Silver is also a good choice, but it insists on a bit less casual look. However, if that's your style - go for it.  
Tahitian Pearls for Summer

Summer is always around the corner, and a fresh new look should always be on your mind. Summer dresses are universally designed to keep you as cool as you are beautiful. More often than not, they have a deeper neckline, which leaves your neck naked and alone. Tahitian pearls are the best companion in such cases. The best part is that the variety of colours and shapes can serve both the ones that just need an accessory and those who look to make a statement.  For a dress in white or in warm colours, you should look for yellow and white-silver pearls. The size should be small, with one larger piece in the middle. This way, your neck will not be lonely, but it will also not completely distract from the elegant shape of your body.
For the beach, try not overdoing it. Just take one or two pearls and put them on a leather leash. A 10 - 12mm peacock Tahitian pearl would be best. This will underline your elegance, but it won't bother you, and it won't look silly while you are getting your much-deserved sunbath.  For a more hippie style, you can get a lovely ankle bracelet with rainbow colours. Just remember to take it off before you go into the water. Otherwise, you may lose it.
Tahitian Pearls in Autumn
When the leaves start to fall and the weather is constantly gloomy, it's time to take out the warmer clothes and with them your autumn collection of Tahitian pearl accessories. Autumn is often quite demanding in terms of colours, but fortunately for you, Tahitian pearls can accommodate your accessory needs.  Take a 14mm mocha round pearl and create a gorgeous ring that will shout class and wealth all around. Or, if you prefer the minimalist style, take an 8mm perfectly round pearl with darker colours. Our favourites are the eggplant and dark-brown pearls, but Tahitian pearls' beauty is that there is a colour to match every taste. You can finish your look with a lovely necklace that will contrast your blouse and make you the center of attention. Go for medium-sized pearls and more neutral colours like silver, black, dark brown and so on.  

Another option is to take a single pearl and make it a centrepiece of an elegant silver pendant. In this case, we suggest you take a slightly bigger pearl, no less than 11mm. A lovely autumn colour will do nicely if this is your choice. Soft Bronze, sand-coloured or another eye-catching shade will look astonishing on you.Tahitian Pearls in WinterThere is nothing that looks fancier than a black Tahitian pearl necklace on a white sweater. It screams elegance and class. However, the best part of Tahitian pearls is that there are far too many options to pinpoint just one, that's the best. Be sure to acquire a 40-44 piece necklace with 8-10mm pearls for your winter look. Base the color on your winter clothes, and don't forget that primarily you will show your accessory indoors. The light-blue tone is always a good choice if you doubt what to get. It goes just as good with darker as it does with lighter tones and is easier to combine with other accessories, such as a scarf, hat and others. Don't underestimate the earrings as well. The beauty in winter is that you can wear a bit bigger and more extravagant earrings. Try something new, and don't hesitate to wear simple yet elegant Tahitian pearl earrings as well. They might be under your hair, but this will add to the effect. They will be just like a hidden gem that reveals only when you're looking someone in the eyes. 

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