What do Tahitian pearls symbolize?

Pearls have long been associated with myths and legends in French Polynesia, We have conclude the most common meanings and symbolism associated with the Tahitian pearl for you guy!

Polynesian Myths of Pearls:
In ancient times, Tahitian pearls were regarded as the first cases of light, given to Tane, the god of harmony and beauty, by the creator. the vault of heaven was lit by the radiance of Tahitian pearls

 Their form and brightness inspired Tāne (god of forests and birds, Tahitian god of beauty and peace) to create the stars. Tāne brought the pearls to Rua Hatu — the god of the ocean in order for him to lighten his domain. Oro — God of War and Peace, working for Tāne, entrusted human women whom he coveted to conceive his descendants, with the first pearls, as tokens of love. With the achievement of his work complete, he gave “Te ufi” – pearl oysters to humans, in memory of his voyage on earth. Ever since, the pearl oyster “Te ufi — Pinctada Margaritifera, has thrived in the lagoons of French Polynesia.

In Polynesian culture, the first two mythical about pearls, which were given to a princess on earth by Oro — God of war and peace, were Poe Rava — the extraordinary peacock colored pearl and Poe Konini — the sculptural circled pearl.

According to a legend, Okana and Uaro, the gods of Coral and Sand, made Te Ufi's skin shimmer with all the hues of the Polynesian seas. For thousands of years, the heavens' glory has rested in the iridescent mother-of-secret pearl's hollow as a gift from the sea.
In another romantic tale about the Tahitian black pearl, the moon shines back on the ocean to draw in the oysters. As soon as they emerge from the water, the moon showers them with heavenly dew. After some time, the droplet of heavenly dew is polished and encased in garments that shimmer like Tahitian pearls.

Additionally, pearls represent purity, charity, integrity, and loyalty. According to the Bible, pearls can help balance one's karma, enhance relationships, and keep children safe. The parable of the Pearl (also called the Pearl of Great Price) is one of the parables of jesus. It appears in Matthew 13:45-46 and illustrates the great value of the Kingdom of Heaven.  

There is many myths and legends attribute various powers to black pearls, including those of a healer, cupid, and even a gift from God himself. The Tahitian black pearl was once only worn by royalty as a jewelry item, earning it the titles "Pearl of Queens" and "Queen of Pearls" during ancient times, but now it have becomes modern!

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