Why Tahitian Pearl price are rising in 2023?

Just as anticipated and foretold in our recent blog post.

Unlike other semi precious stones, Pearls are cultivated and requires at least 18 month to produce them.

We anticipated an increase in prices caused by multiple factors.
- Limited supply due to the pandemic's impact on tahitian pearl production.
- Export restrictions on pearls
- High demand for Tahitian Pearls due to celebrity and promotion endorsements
- Distributors exhausted all their saved inventory during the pandemic.
- Farmers are having trouble finding oysters for Tahitian Pearl production

What's Next?
-  As a consequence of a variety of factors that result in a lower supply than real demand, some corporations have already started to adjust their price.
However, not all organizations have implemented their new pricing , particularly when it comes to the retail business. , As you may know, there may be multiple layers of procedure before structured organization can shift their pricing, and it takes time to respond to the fast-paced variation in costs that we are now seeing. Furthurmore that is also an opportunity for end-consumers to shop before the price bump of all their items.

Is 2023 a good time to purchase Tahitian pearls?
- With all of the different factors considered, there is no doubt that 2023 is the best time to buy tahitian pearls, knowing that the price will keep increasing until the end of year 2024 due to the lack of supplies.

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