We are CMWPEARLS, recognized as one of the largest Tahitian pearls wholesale distributors in the Asian market. We are originated from Tahiti and now based in Hong Kong since 1999, but our story begins in the early '90s in Tahiti. Where we first established a partnership with G.I.E. POE RAVA NUI, a cooperation of 450 family micro-enterprises in Tahiti that account for roughly 15% of Tahitian Pearls' total production.
United as one, CMWPEARLS were able to storm a new market in Hong Kong. In less than a decade, we've suddenly been recognized as the first leading wholesalers in Hong Kong and the biggest producer in Tahiti.

Nowadays, the world biggest jewelry exposition event is held in Hong Kong at least 3 times a year and every well-known world jewelry retailer participate to the event.

CMWPEARL takes pride in offering one of the most diverse selections of Tahitian pearls on the Asian market and worldwide as a whole. Maintaining a reasonable quantity of pearls is crucial to meet the market demands. So on top of being a wholesaler and buyer, we also own a farm which is located on a small island called TAHA’A on the edge of French Polynesia. Thus we are able to accommodate the needs and meet the price range of every customer.

Our goal is to spread the Tahitian Pearl's beauty and class across the world and reach more people with it’s astonishing charms. To achieve this, we are excited to begin exploring new ground online and offer our Tahitian pearls not only to retailers, wholesalers and businesses but now to end-customers as well. In our online store, there is something for every taste and need, waiting for you to visit and select your own pearl, based on your personality or personal preference.
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Nowadays, the word of trust is everything in this particular type of industry online, especially when dealing with high quality Tahitian pearls. So providing our customers with enough useful information and visual aid about the Tahitian pearls (before purchasing the best set of Tahitian pearls) is one of our main focus.

Buying Tahitian pearls online is a completely new concept in the wholesale industry that only a few dare to step in, but we believe that one day the industry will evolve and create new ways of trading pearls. Although it might cost time and resources, but moving forward with the industry to achieve new way is definitely worth it. 

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