Tahitian Pearls or as commonly known, black pearls, are one the most desired gem in the world, by both men and women, alike due to their unique and beautiful colors. Tahitian pearls’ colors are the most iridescent, vibrant, and almost metallic looking of all the pearls.

Their extra-ordinary colors have caused them to be imbued with all kinds of mythical properties and lore giving them a sense of mystery and exoticness. The first thing you should note contrary to their popular name, the pearls are not actually black but rather, feature a predominant body color within a broad spectrum of soft grays to a deep charcoal grey.

Tahitian pearls are one of the two naturally colored black pearls in the world. They get their unique colors from the Pinctada Margaritifera or the black-lipped oyster that produces them. When a bead is placed inside the black-lipped oyster, it begins forming layers of nacre around the bead. The color of the nacre produced depends on the color of the black-lipped oyster’s shell. Thus, the color of each pearl is unique just like the colors of the shells of the black-lipped oysters. The colors of the pearl are also affected by the nacre thickness of the pearls. Pearls with thicker nacre are darker and have more intense colors.

However, the most unique and desirable aspects of Tahitian pearls, are their wide range of overtones, not seen in any other pearl. Tahitian pears have the distinct ability to refract light in a spectacular way to create a beautiful rainbow of colors. The most popular overtones are peacock, cherry, blue-green, pink, gold, aubergine, pistachio, and silver. A peacock overtone is usually the most desirable overtone for Tahitian pearls, and thus pearls with this overtone are usually more expensive.

When picking Tahitian pearls, you want to ensure you select a pearl color that looks best on you. The pearls should not only complement your skin tone but also the colors of your outfit. If worn right, they can perfectly complement your outfit.