Is CMWPEARLS one of the best loose pearl online shop?

The company was first established in 1999 under the name Chan Ming Wing Pearl International LTD, whose founder was Chan Ming Wing, one of the most notorious distributors in Asia, who was also one of the first to start the Tahitian pearl market in Hong Kong. The company's main business is selling Tahitian pearls in Asia, and it has quickly become known as one of the best distributors.

In 2019, CMWPEARLS Ltd. was created by his sons to carry the expansion of Tahitian pearls around the world, with the very specific goal of making pearls available to anyone around the world through the online channel.
The company has grown at an amazing speed and delivered a lot of improvements to the online industry, which includes auctions online, loose pearls, premade loose pearls, and TOP Grade pearls, which has certainly changed the industry of Tahitian pearls.
Nowadays, more and more companies are venturing themselves into the online industry, which was believed could never happen for loose pearls.

But why does CMWPEARLS claim to be one of the best online providers of loose Tahitian pearls?

Inventory: As the source and one of the most important distributors in Asia, the company has a huge supply of Tahitian pearls, including the best pearls at the best prices that were only available to wholesalers before.

Variety: Offering a wide range of pearls that go from size, shape, color, and grading to pre-made loose bracelets, necklaces, match pairs, and single pearls are the best advantages that the platform provides.

Loose Pearl: As the store mainly provides raw, natural Tahitian pearls, jewelry customization is also ideal for businesses or end-consumers that have their own designs in mind.

Price: Online prices are often lower than the prices of physical stores, as there are no overhead costs associated with running a physical store. Additionally, the pearls displayed in our store have the lowest pricing for the quality provided, which is ideal for businesses.

Grading: Providing an accurate grading of our pearls is crucial, so we spend more time checking every inventory to give a clear and accurate description of the pearl specification to our customers, with the mindset that they are for businesses.

Pictures and Video: There is no doubt that the biggest risk of purchasing pearls online, especially for business, is the inaccuracy of providing images that are as close as real, naked eyes. So, the company has been working on improving that part to try to get as close as possible to the natural color of Tahitian pearls and capture all of their surface details.

Experience: Having worked with pearls for over 30 years and being one of the first leaders in Asia, the company has certainly set the bar high for the wholesale online industry.


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