The Rise of Tahitian Pearls: Predictions and Impact for 2023

The Tahitian Pearl Market Price in 2023 is expected to rise due to several factors that are affecting the production and distribution of these beautiful pearls. Tahitian pearls are known for their unique colors and luster, making them one of the most sought after pearls in the world. However, recent events have caused a shortage of these pearls, which will affect the market price for this years.

The global pandemic has caused a lot of issues for the pearl industry, and the Tahitian Pearl Market Price is no exception. Due to travel restrictions, buyers have been unable to travel freely to Tahiti where the pearls are grown to inspect and purchase them. This has resulted in a difficulty in transactions, causing a decline of sales in that industry. This all means that there is a smaller stock of Tahitian pearls available to buy in some countries, such as China, Hong Kong and Japan, which combined together might be the biggest country that export Tahitian pearls .

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has also made it difficult for pearl grafter, (who are responsible for producing the pearl), to travel to the island to begin working on the production. This has led to a lower production rate as the grafters were not able to work, resulting in a lower yield that we are now experiencing in 2023.

Since January 6th 2023, a new regulation on the production of Tahitian Pearls has been implemented that Pearl farmer is now limited onproducing 2500 Perles per Hectares (10,000 Square Meters).

The increase in demand and low supply of the pearls leads to an increase in the Tahitian Pearl Market Price in 2023 which has already been affected in early March 2023. The Tahitian pearls are always in high demand due to their exclusivity and unique colors. However, with the shortage of stock, the price of these pearls is expected to rise as the available supply becomes more and more limited.

However, there is also a negative impact on the market. Wholesalers who have shown an interest in these pearls may be affected due to their low stock. This can motivate some of the biggest wholesalers to start exploring other pearl origins such as Indonesian and South Sea Pearls, which may be more sustainable in cost for them.

In conclusion, the Tahitian Pearl Market Price in 2023 is expected to rise due to the shortage of supply caused by the pandemic and regulations. It is still unclear when the supply of Tahitian pearls will go back to a normal level, or how the Tahitian Pearl market will evolve. However, the market will undoubtedly see an increase in price due to decreased supply and high demand, leading to a higher interest in exploring other type of pearl such as South Sea, Indonesia, Akoya Pearls.

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