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Tahitian cultured pearls are the only Pearls that are naturally black in color. Their natural color comes from the black lip oysters known as black-lipped which is a variety of the Pinctada margaritifera. Although the black pearls are the most common name for Tahitian Pearls, these gems are also the only pearls that come in a large range color from graphite to metallic silver. They usually feature overtones that are greenish, Black, bluish or purplish.

The reason why theses stones come in a full array of colors is because the rainbow-like mantle of the black lip oyster has the ability to produce a “rainbow” of natural colored pearls.

Because black-lip oysters can grow to be over a foot in diameter, they also can produce big size pearls . These are very sensitive oysters, which makes their culturing process a hit and miss. So, Tahitian pearls are rare and expensive to produce. Jewelry featuring these gemstones is generally high-end, making them perfect gifts for, Special Events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even more.

Although produced in French Polynesia, the gems aren’t actually from Tahiti itself. The two main areas where the pearls are produced in archipel of Gambier and Tuamotu Islands. The pearl farmers nucleate the oysters with beads and let Mother Nature take over from there.

Pearl farmers aim for creating the perfect round Tahitian cultured pearls and as big as possible. Yet, it is known that less than 10% of the harvested cultured pearls are round and less than 5% are perfect without any spot.

These gems generally come in large range of shapes also:
Near Round
Semi Baroque

Cultured Tahitian pearls are some of the most valuable, sought-after gems in the world.

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