Why are Perfect Tahitian Pearls so rare?

Tahitian pearls are found only in French Polynesia, and the scarcity of these exotic pearls makes them extremely valuable. The prices that you pay for Tahitian black pearls are in large part variety, from the cheapest to the most expensivest one. Tahitian Pearls Drop shaped round picture

You probably can find many tahitian pearls around the world but finding the perfect One, you may never see it as even out of 100 000 Pearls, only 1 % will come out as perfect, and theses can  be classified by their shape, Size color and Lusters, depending on which aspect you are looking for, or if you are looking for perfects pearls for your necklace, it may take years to make the perfect one and even for pearl farmer who are harvesting their own pearls may take ages to make the most valuable and rarest necklaces on earth due to the variables , Shape, size, luster quality and color, all Need to be Perfectly and accurately chosen, as even the slightest change in any of these categories will completely change the look and value of your necklace.Peacock Tahitian Pearls in lust

Now Tahitian black pearls are the most sought after pearls in the world. They are a precious jewel because of their rarity and beauty. The long, slender body of the Tahitian black pearl means that they are very delicate and can only be found in the finest of quality pearl jewelry. This makes Tahitian black pearls a specialty and something that have long-term value alone.

Tahitian black pearls are easy to identify as they tend to have a silver or blue color. A Tahitian black pearl is so rare that each single pearl is unique and different from all the others. As the Tahitian black pearl is so rare, it's not possible to distinguish one from another and therefore makes it possible to purchase Tahitian black pearls at much lower prices than other pearls.

Silver tahitian Pearls on purple background

It is also said that Tahitian black pearls have a very sweet smell, which makes them more desirable. The reason for this is that Tahitian black pearls are formed in the sea and when the sea is disturbed or drained, so does the scent of the Tahitian black pearl. When these precious gems are dropped into salt water the body of the Tahitian black pearl breaks up and forms tiny holes, and thus there is a smell which is more noticeable to humans.So if you want to learn how to shop for Tahitian black pearls, you will need to learn about the long journey that is necessary to find this rare treasure. It is very difficult to even find an individual Tahitian black pearl so you will need to keep this in mind when shopping for your Tahitian pearl.

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